We have just finished up an online residency at WalkingLab, as part of the project Performing Lines: Innovations in walking and sensory research methodologies. This project is lead by Dr. Stephanie Springgay to study and advance the theory and practice of walking methodologies, exploring and developing innovative interdisciplinary practices.

MappingEdges has been ‘Walking with Seeds’ in a series of walks based on permaculture principles: observation, interaction and obtaining a yield. You can read about the process in our 6 posts which are published here.

  1. From seed-balls to seed-bombs to seed-things
  2. Frontyard, a starting point
  3. Everything Gardens
  4. Walking and Tinkering
  5. The walk of seeds that did not germinate and the one that germinated: on slowness, co-agency and care.
  6. Maps

On these walks we reconfigured the circulation of seeds using two strategies: we scattered ‘seed bombs’ (made with seeds, compost, clay, worm castings) along the edges of streets and gifted ‘seed bombs’ to gardeners and pedestrians we meet along the way. This is a way of hacking the urban ecosystem, for instance by introducing the possibility of food production to a semi-industrial zone of the city thought to be desolate.