We are reading this book because Anna Tsing’s book Friction had such an effect on the collaboration that is Mapping Edges.

This book is about the most valuable mushroom in the world, the Matsutake, the commodity chains within which it exists, and its relationship with humans, trees and others. Through its ability to nurture trees, matsutake helps forests to grow in ruined forests. This book is not only a wonderful story, told with imaginative language and extraordinary compassion, it is also a delicate photo essay, and an object of remarkable graphic design. It is important in its examination into the relation between capitalist destruction and collaborative survival, and the way it draws us into this relation, but not quite at its center.

Interview with Anna Tsing on the book On the Cultures of Energy Podcast.

The Composting Feminism reading group looked at this book back in October 2016 and came up with some great questions you can read here.