Inner West Council Map - Haberfeld
We are pleased to announce that Mapping Edges has been awarded a Local History grant by Inner West Council to undertake a research project called ‘Home Gardens of Haberfield’.

We are producing a book about selected home gardens in Haberfield, to map, document and showcase the neighbourhood’s cultural diversity.

In documenting and making visible to the community and general public existing and contemporary gardening practices, this project aims are three-fold:

  • To connect history and cultural diversity to the idea of sustainable practices documenting gardens in the Inner West.
  • To recognise the importance of gardening as placemaking and as a reflection of shifting cultural, social and environmental landscape of the Inner West.
  • To foster a sense of connection and belonging through cultural exchanges that enable people to feel proud of the contribution they make to their multicultural neighborhoods by sharing the stories of their gardens, and to the environment by reducing the resources required by large scale agriculture.

We begin with the recognition that resident gardeners draw on their, and their relatives’, cultural and environmental knowledge and experience in the making of their home gardens. Some of these practices have been acknowledged and celebrated (for instance the making of tomato passata in Italian backyards), while others are yet to be identified.

We connect multiculturalism and sustainable practices to document through archival and oral histories and photography how residents from culturally diverse backgrounds understand and include in their everyday lives sustainable practices.